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Goan Association Germany e.V. celebrates different functions. This section has reports of some of the functions.

Dev borem korum.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Sunday, June 16, 2024, 01:38 AM

Report of the GAG e.V. Christmas Get-Together 2010

held on 27th November 2010 at Frankfurt Preungesheim

The Goan Association Germany e.V. (GAG) sprang up another big surprise by successfully organizing their annual Christmas Celebration 2010 on the 27th of November 2010, the 1st Advent weekend of the festive season.. It was a very cold and dull day. Outside it was a thick white blanket of snow. Contrastingly inside the hall it was warm, bright and beautifully decorated. The hall slowly started getting filled to its capacity especially with lots of guests coming from very far away.

With a little bit of delay the evening began with the MC giving the welcome address and then the President Vito Oliveira greeting all the guests.

The programme for the evening was meticulously planned and well executed. Lively & lovely music was dished out to the full satisfaction of all the guests. The DJs of the evening, Trevor & Jerome really had a fantastic selection, so much so that the crowd did not want to leave the dance floor.

All this time, in the background, Michael Mascarenhas the Chef-de-Buffet with his team did a fabulous job of getting the buffet ready. This well-laid sumptuous buffet was then opened to the guests but not before Monsignor Alker blessing the bounty. The guests ate to their stomach‘s content with appreciatory messages coming from all corners more for the variety, the taste, the lay-out and the replenishments.

Of course, not forgetting the well-stocked bar with very reasonable prices that kept the spirits high. The highlight of the evening was the Carol singing by the youth which was so very well appreciated by the public that they had to repeat the Carols. There was also a solo guitar performance by Paolo Oliveira.

Naturally no Christmas goes by without Santa. He made his grand appearance to the delight of all the kids - big & small. Along with his good-will Christmas messages he distributed goodies to all the kiddies. He left with a heavy heart but assured that the kids were happy.

In between all these, there was so much of dancing with lots of spot-prizes. And then it was time for the tombola. There were fantastic prizes to be won. It was great to see so many people winning these super prizes. The desserts were served, the dancing continued, and the enjoyment went on till late in the night. Then with a heavy-laden heart the MC had to close the curtains of this grand show.

He especially thanked Vito & Renate, Jerome & Trevor, Reggie & Theresa, Michael & Anita, Joanita & Fermino, Salvino, Margarethe & Gordon, Marina, The Youth for the Carol-singing, Sylvia, John Cabral, Shanta and all those who helped in which-ever way. Till the next time.