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Connecting People, Promoting Culture, keeping the Spirit of Goa alive in Germany

Mogal Goenkar Bhoinino ani Bhavano,

Goan Association Germany e.V. (GAG e.V.) was formally founded on the 31st October 2003, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Our objective is to cater to the socio-cultural needs of the Goans in Germany. You can find more details about our aims, objektives and how to get involved in the About section.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Sunday, June 16, 2024, 12:47 AM

General Body Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the general body meeting on 18th Feburary

Thank you for your support

What's Updated
Christmas Get-Together

and 20 years jubilee photographs

Upcoming Events
St. Joseph Vaz feast

25th May 2024 at 12:00 noon

St. Mary's Church
Wachenheimer Str. 58
65835 Liederbach

Current time in GOA

Konkani Munneo (sayings)

Kaxtti bhizleabogor nustem dhorum nozo.

Literally You cannot catch fish without getting your loincloth wet.
Context of usage Nothing is gained without effort. No pain, no gain.