Mogal Goenkar Bhoinino ani Bhavano,

Goan Association Germany e.V. celebrates different functions. This section has reports of some of the functions.

Dev borem korum.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 03:46 AM

Report of the GAG e.V. X-MAS PARTY 2009

held on 28th November 2009 at Frankfurt Preungesheim

The Goan Association Germany e.V. (GAG) organized their annual Christmas Party on the 28th of November 2009, which was the 1st Advent week-end of the season, at the Pfarrgemeinde St. Christophorus hall in Preungeheim.

Nothing like a good party mood with a live band in attendance. The Goan Fusion drove all the way from Paris to entertain a very large crowd that attended. The show started with the elections of a new committee. This was only for the members of the GAG. With Matano taking the charge of the elections, it was held in a very orderly manner. This ensured that the crowd was slowly getting impatient and was waiting to get going with the dancing.

Shortly thereafter the ’MC‘ greeted all and sundry and opened the evening for dancing. With the Goan Fusion dishing out such lovely music, it was but natural that all were on the dance floor.

Once again Michael Mascarenhas did a masterly and professional job in getting a lovely buffet laid especially with the replenishment with the dishes. The orderly queue did eat to their stomach‘s full. The bar was very well managed by JoJo and Trevor.

Santa made his grand appearance and got the kiddies screaming in glee. They all danced around him and then Santa had something for every kid.

There were lots of novelty prizes for the various dance pieces. The tombola was again a big hit with many, many prizes for takes. Shortly after midnight the curtains fell and all left fully satisfied.

The organizing committee wishes all members & their families and the rest a “MERRY CHRISTMAS” n “A HAPPY, HEALTHY n PROSPORUS NEW YEAR 2010”.

Report of the Summer Grill Party organized by GAG at Schwanheimer Park 2009

held on Saturday the 25th of July 2009

This year too there was a very overwhelming response from the members and their families who all, en masse, attended the picnic. The weather was ideal although rain was forecast. The organizers did their very best to keep all satisfied with the food and drinks. In fact the food was so well arranged that we had grilled dinner too. A well-stocked bar kept all in high sprits.

Almost everybody brought either a salad or a sweet-dish, which supplemented very well with the main food that the organizers brought.

There was a round of Housie with lots of very good prizes.

The highlight of the Picnic was the Mando singing . All were handed printed leaflets of these Mandos, enabling them to sing without hunting/searching for the words. Antony & Michael kept the beat going with their drums. Surprisingly almost everybody took part in this session especially those who didn't know any of these Mandos not minding that some did sing out of tune. Important was that everybody taking part in it.

Thereafter there were various games for grown-ups as well as for the kids.

All in all it was a very good day full of enjoyment, both for young and old. At the end of the day after having their grilled dinner, all had to disperse but not before thanking the organizers for dishing-out another successful event.

The organisers in return thanked all for their co-operation and help and also for bringing the salads, sweet-dishes, for donating prizes for the Hausie and for the games.

Till the next time .... Adios

Report of the Goa Nite Ball 2009

held on 20th June 2009
by Mr. Mariano Pereira, Frankfurt Germany

The Annual "Goa Nite Ball" held by the Goan Association Germany, e.V., in Frankfurt was the event of the year for this small Goan Community here with quite a large participation of Goans, Germans and other nationalities.

For as many as some 200 people attending the function the hall was full to its capacity which is rare here in comparison to the small size Goan population existing in this part of the world. The Band "GOAN FUSION" specially brought from Paris played almost non-stop Goan and international tunes that kept the entire dancing floor permanently under occupation by the dance aficionados. The "GOAN FUSION" comprising of four young Goan musicians from Paris as Vito Oliveira the President of Goan Association Germany mentioned provided their services to the Goan Community here.

A sumptuous assorted buffet of homemade Goan Veg & non-Veg dishes were served all prepared themselves by the members of the executive committee under the guidance of Michael Mascarenhas. Portuguese Red Vine, German Beer and other beverages we also available in the bar sold at reasonable prices.

Despite unawareness on the number of guests attending the function the Committee members must be commended for no shortage of food even for a second serving. Historically the idea of prior notification by the participants doesn't seem to be working well here with the Goan community.

What comes to mind is the ever increasing number of young generation participating in the GAG activities and attraction to people coming from far away destinations. If the trend continues the GAG would have to keep the pressure on the accelerator to tackle the challenges going forward.

The MC did a fine job as usual comparing the show and kept the crowed entertained until late evening. Vito and his team comprising of Gordon Ferrao, Jerome Simoes, Michael Mascarenhas, Avelar Nunes and Joanita Bach deserves a pat on the back for the well organized function.